Nerde Nolzda


The following are my GnuPG keys for signing code and this blog, email encryption, and so on.
The keys can also be downloaded in the keys/ directory.

Private Key Security

The master key is handled in a clean Tails environment, and the subkeys are loaded onto a Yubikey.

Master Key

The keys on this page are subkeys of the following master signing key.

pub   4096R/E7C31C84 2017-10-23
      Key fingerprint = 6CCF 3FC7 32AC 9D83 D154  217F 1C16 C70E E7C3 1C84
uid       [ultimate] WillyPillow ( <>
sig 3    N   E7C31C84 2017-10-23  WillyPillow ( <>
   Signature notation: Signing Key

Note that you should verify this fingerprint through other channels, e.g. my diaspora* profile, email signatures on the Qubes OS mailing list (qubes-users and qubes-devel), since it’s possible that this repo was falsified.

Blog/Code Signing Key

The following key is used to sign this blog and other code repos.

sub   4096R/B1415A9C 2017-10-23
      Key fingerprint = 2EF5 D56D 9574 A58B A2A8  F60C 3839 E194 B141 5A9C
sig      N   E7C31C84 2017-10-23  WillyPillow ( <>
   Signature notation: Signing Key

For the reason for the lack of an expiration date, see Joanna Rutkowska’s Blog for more information.

Email Encryption Keys

The following keys were used for email communication. Note that they are not updated any more since I do not get that many emails. If you want to send me messages securely, just contact me and we can exchange Signal numbers (possibly signed). (I should probably get a secondary number for a public Signal account, but till then…)

sub   4096R/C56F2FE7 2017-10-23 [expires: 2018-10-23]
      Key fingerprint = 504E 5836 D13E 824D C4D6  4621 C12A E5AC C56F 2FE7
sig      N   E7C31C84 2017-10-23  WillyPillow ( <>
   Signature notation: Signing Key
sub   4096R/F72D8561 2017-10-23 [expires: 2018-10-23]
      Key fingerprint = 549D 6337 A26D D92A 1197  5613 4C66 C9AE F72D 8561
sig      N   E7C31C84 2017-10-23  WillyPillow ( <>
   Signature notation: Encryption Key

Old Keys

The following are old keys that were revoked. See this post for details.

Master Key

pub   rsa8192 2017-01-21 [C]
uid           [ unknown] WillyPillow ( <>


sub   4096R/B1E9DB2F 2017-01-21
      Key fingerprint = 6DF4 7924 CDE6 6924 4E52  3286 F8B2 64E1 B1E9 DB2F


sub   4096R/A5080F4E 2017-01-22 [expires: 2018-01-22]
      Key fingerprint = C775 4AF1 B865 CE73 315A  2936 A419 9834 A508 0F4E
sub   4096R/0D7D2EFE 2017-01-22 [expires: 2018-01-22]
      Key fingerprint = 5B8A 9A22 487B D9D8 264C  0EA3 904E 12B6 0D7D 2EFE