Nerde Nolzda


What is this site about anyway?

In a nutshell, this is a blog mostly about computers, with a bit of other nerdy stuff.

What does “Nerde Nolzda” mean?

Roughly “Geek Palace” in lojban. Now, I know that I shouldn’t be using capitization like that in lojban, but it looks more consistant when used with English.

Who are you?


Currently the one and only guy managing this place. I’m interested in programming, computer technology, Rubik’s Cubes, anime, anarcho-capitalism, and so on. Coming from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, I’m able to speak Mandarin Chinese. Therefore, while this blog is mainly in English, I might write a few posts in Chinese if I ever have the need, under the tag of zh, while posting other English articles under en.